I strongly encourage all keen Ferrari fans [ F1 or otherwise ] to join SFC Silverstone. The club is passionate knowledgeable and does everything it can to give Ferrari fans once in a lifetime experiences. Its great value and I look forward to renewing my membership



This is now my 6th year in the SFC Silverstone club, and never hesitate to renew! As a proud Tifosi you could not want for a better club. Jason works tirelessly to get us access with Ferrari you simply cannot believe. My son and I have been to pre-season testing the last 4 years and met pretty much all the drivers and team principals. The Ferrari team welcome us as members with open arm and do everything give us an experience to remember.

On top of this there is the factory tour and countless GT racing events and WEC. Can’t praise Jason and the club more. Thank you from a proud and loyal member.

Stephen & Susan


We met the President of the club on the clubs stand at the Goodwood festival of speed. He was very knowledgeable of all things Ferrari and made an immediate impact upon us. My wife and I joined on the day and within 48 hours we were backstage in the Ferrari garage hosted by Ex-F1 driver Marc Gene. We’re looking forward to being active members of the club. Forza Ferrari


Northern Ireland

I joined the club in January 2015 at the Autosport show. It was always a club I considered joining online as I never knew there was a UK club. I live in Northern Ireland so have not got to any events due to timing issues with travel. However the club has plenty of opportunities and I am sure in the future I will make it along to several events. By joining the club I have met other Ferrari fans and the social aspect is really good. Even if you cannot make it to the events I would encourage people to join as you can still be involved online with the club and meet like minded Ferrari fans.



I originally joined my husband up to the Silverstone Ferrari fan club as a Christmas present and I wasn’t aware there was even a club until then. I didn’t join myself as I wasn’t completely sure what it would offer. Well in the first month we were lucky to be able to use free tickets to the Autosport show in Birmingham where we met Jason and some of the other fan club members. My daughter also managed to meet Claire Williams which made her day. After that how could I not join myself so I did and last year my husband and I had free hospitality tickets to racing at Silverstone and also discounted tickets to Monza. I have never felt such an atmosphere as when the Ferrari overtook the Mercedes on the first lap! and yes the Italian fans are crazy! We are looking forward to the next year and seeing all the exciting events we can take part in. I would like to say a big thank you to Jason and his team for all their hardwork.

Rob & Andrea


We have been members since 2014 and in that time we have enjoyed the benefits of both pre and in season F1 testing with not only paddock access but also Ferrari team garage access. That alone is worth the membership fee. We also get free entry to Ferrari racing day events , which are definitely worth going to. Jason is always a first class host at these events and fellow members are always welcoming , friendly and helpful. Hoping to get to a couple of GT events this year too.



I could wax poetics for ages… I guess the main thing is that I have never felt closer to Ferrari, my team, than I do as part of the SFC. Initially, I was on the fence about joining, because I was not sure it would be worth my money – oh boy is it worth it. 

I had the chance to visit places and partake in activities I never thought I would – sometimes I still have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not dreaming, like during the factory visit in Maranello, or in the pitlane during testing. Thanks to the access provided by Ferrari to us, I have been around so much that my favourite driver “knows me” – at least according to his press officer!

I can also say thanks to SFC for one of my best friends as without the club I probably would not have met her, so joining was definitely a great idea!