I originally joined my husband up to the Silverstone Ferrari fan club as a Christmas present and I wasn’t aware there was even a club until then. I didn’t join myself as I wasn’t completely sure what it would offer. Well in the first month we were lucky to be able to use free tickets to the Autosport show in Birmingham where we met Jason and some of the other fan club members. My daughter also managed to meet Claire Williams which made her day. After that how could I not join myself so I did and last year my husband and I had free hospitality tickets to racing at Silverstone and also discounted tickets to Monza. I have never felt such an atmosphere as when the Ferrari overtook the Mercedes on the first lap! and yes the Italian fans are crazy! We are looking forward to the next year and seeing all the exciting events we can take part in. I would like to say a big thank you to Jason and his team for all their hardwork.