Q – What is SFC Silverstone?

A – We are an Officially licensed Scuderia Ferrari Club, we are here for fans, enthusiasts, and supporters of Ferrari in a racing context – mainly in Formula One and GT Racing, to engage them more closely in the world of Ferrari and offer them privilges and experience that usually would not be possible.

Q – People often ask do I need to be an owner to join?

A – NO, there are other specific clubs that look after the needs of owners, we are specifically here for the general supporter who has a passion for Ferrari’s racing activities.

Q – Can I join even if I am from overseas?

A – YES, we love to have members join from any country, we have members at all corners of the world and on all continents. The only additional thing to consider is we have to apply a higher P&P charge, this is standard inside the EU but we have to calculate and advise the correct P&P for global locations. Obviously some countries to takes longer for the pack to arrive and may be subject to local import / taxation rules.

Q – Tell me about how long the membership is valid…

A – SFC Silverstone membership terms are set by the global SFC structure and in principle our membership term is intended to mimic the racing season. So our club membership runs 1st April year ‘X’ to 31st March year ‘Y’ so depending on when you join is how much of this term your membership is valid.