Why not enjoy Ferrari fun with all the family?

We love to encourage Family membership to the club as we want as many people as possible to enjoy the advantages club membership offers.


FAMILY member(s) can be added to a STANDARD membership

A FAMILY member is an adult or person over the age of 14 years old who lives at the same residential address as the STANDARD member

An example of a FAMILY member would be a spouse, partner, or older child

A FAMILY membership cannot be purchased alone

A FAMILY membership can be added retrospectively to a STANDARD membership

The FAMILY membership does not come with its own welcome kit it is added to that of the STANDARD member if bought in conjunction, or sent separately if brought retrospectively

A FAMILY member receives the full package as outlined on the ‘Membership Benefits‘ page

A FAMILY membership card will ship with standard members pack and maybe subject to additional P&P charges if ordered / delivered separately / at a later date

Membership period for the 2020/21 season is 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021